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Ask John Godzich how he accomplished the “impossible” repeatedly in his life. With plain sincerity, and a humble shrug of the shoulders, he will say, “No one ever told me it was impossible.”
African villages developed their own economy. Aspiring pioneers went on trips around the world. Deprived children celebrated toy-filled living rooms on Christmas morning. Poland’s communist regime was replaced with democracy. All of these events occurred because John Godzich believed, and still believes, that all things are possible.
John’s contagious optimism has deep roots. His parents were concentration camp survivors in World War II. After the war, they immigrated to France where they were refugees with no citizenship and a life filled with hardships. Then they immigrated to America, where they believed their children would have bountiful opportunities to thrive. Indeed, they managed to send all five children to college, proving through their efforts, and through the eternal optimism of a visionary father, that the American dream was alive and well. John was told he could realize anything he imagined. John believes in the American dream strongly, still today, and he views networking as its strongest proponent with an unparalleled opportunity for upward mobility. The fruits of this background and these views are evident in his life.
John speaks multiple languages. He has traveled the world, and he has touched lives every time he has stepped onto a new piece of land. John Godzich’s achievements are many, including building a 250 million dollar a year networking company. He has had tremendous success as a business owner, as a distributor, and as a consultant in the world of networking. He has made a name for himself as a retention expert. Companies have gone from $6 million a month to $30 million a month through his efforts. After such achievements, John will nudge you, wink, and say “You see. All things are possible.” To John, being an instrument in the success of others is his lifeblood.
When you first meet John Godzich his warm smile will communicate that he believes you can do anything. As you give John Godzich a goodbye handshake you will suddenly realize that you also believe you can do anything.
John Godzich once shared an evening with his hero, President Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan told John of a cherished quote he displayed in the oval office. It read “You can accomplish anything you want in life, as long as you don’t care who gets the credit for it.” This evening confirmed to John Godzich that there was no limit to man’s accomplishments.
John Godzich has a vision for every person. His vision is that every man and woman will realize that their potential has no limits, and that their possibilities are endless. John not only believes, but knows that people are destined for greatness, and that the choice starts with you.